About Us



GAMELANCE™ is a site created for fans of Video Games who are looking for the latest video game information (news, reviews, trailers, videos, latest releases, interviews, and much more). We follow the latest trends and bring you the most accurate video game information available on the WORLD WIDE WEB. 

GAMELANCE™ aka GAMELANCE MEDIA is built by gamers for gamers. We bring to you the latest gaming news, reviews, trailers, and much more. Get intimate with the latest releases and events going on in the gaming world. We are trying to create a global community that is centered around gamers and their needs.

Why do we exist?

GAMELANCE™ is a site created to not only bring the latest gaming trends to you but also to build a community centered around gamers. Today Video Games as a whole is not just solely for passing time and entertainment, it has become a booming business with a lot of growth potential. On this website, we want to create a community that may be able to help influencers, streamers, and YouTube media creators reach new audiences and hit new growth milestones. We also want to help new and upcoming artists, YouTube streamers and content creators have a chance to grow too. And finally, like any news media agency, we want to become one of the top video game news aggregators synonymous with the likes of IGN, The Verge, PC Gamer, Polygon, Game Informer, GamingBolt,  Kotaku, and RockPaperShotgun just to name a few.

What are our goals?

1. Become one of the top video game media and news aggregators.

2. Create a community that is created by gamers and for gamers.

3. Help influencers and content creators grow and increase their audiences.

4. Host raffles and giveaways for the latest games, consoles, and other things.

5. Hold online and IRL meetups for gamers to socialize and connect with other gamers.

How do we operate?

Our ambitious objectives aside, we as a news media agency, first and foremost need to post original and latest content. Our editors are constantly at work making sure that any content that reaches your eyes is correct, latest, up to date with the facts, and always original. With there being so many video game news media aggregators online the competition for any news and other media content is very high and some of our content may seem similar to other sources, however, we always try to make sure that the content we post will always be unique. Please be sure to check out our ETHICS POLICY for our content submission guidelines. copyrights and DMCA removals.

How do we get paid?

The running of our site and the salaries of our editors is not cheap, all of it takes money. While we do accept reader donations, any amount we receive is only a fraction of what it costs to keep us running. All the content published on our site is free to read for everyone. How we do get paid is by doing sponsored/ guest posts, partnering up with brands, placing affiliate links in pages, and finally also by placing AD’s on our pages. Please refer to our PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY page to know more about what kinds of data our site collects and how it is being used.

Support us

We need you to back us up in our endeavor in making us one of the top video game news aggregators.  If you do like our content and want to give us some support, please do think about donating to us. Any funds we receive will be put into running our site and buy our editors some coffee. This helps motivate us to keep working hard and bring great and engaging content to your eyes.