New Crysis Remastered 2021 has finally been released on Steam and its not all that good

New Crysis Remastered 2021 has finally been released on Steam and its not all that good

A year after its initial release on Epic Games Store, Crysis Remastered has finally been released on Steam. And surprisingly it’s not all that good. Crysis may have been one of the best FPS’s on PC but it’s currently getting by with a score of “Mixed” on Steam thanks to a number of issues and bugs.

The original Crysis that was released in 2007 is still available on Steam and honestly, it looks pretty good even for today’s standards. Perhaps because Crysis (2007) was such a powerhouse that many PCs at the time couldn’t handle its graphical demands and struggled to run it, creating a whole meme in the process.

Even though the new Crysis Remastered adds support for up to 8k resolution, DLSS, and ray tracing, as well as the ability to swap between classic and modern suits (“modern” in the sense referring to the 8yr old Crysis 3). And that’s pretty much all it has to it. Crysis Remastered may be a graphical monster for new generation machines but it is laden with bugs and issues and no new content, and many players have taken it to themselves to show their displeasure for the beloved game on their Steam reviews section.

The most obvious part of the complaint for most players is that Crysis Remastered really doesn’t do any justice to justify its price of $30 (the price has now since been dropped to $23 and is, even more, cheaper for Indian users) even though the original Crysis is cheaper and is on sale most of the time. Crysis Remastered also removes many features that we loved from the original game like the multiplayer aspect and the ability for manual saves. And also the supposedly new graphical features are very poorly optimized and the reviews even state that the ability to lean is gone too (even though it had been patched on the Epic Games Store version last year).

Just to add more salt to the wound for Steam Players, the new full Crysis Remastered Trilogy is going to be released next month, and that too as an Epic Games Store exclusive. So, anyone that grabs the Crysis Remastered version on Steam, probably and most definitely has to wait at least a year more to get their hands on the Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 Remastered versions.