Starfield Has Gone Gold

Starfield, a game that’s reaching for the stars with its epic ambitions, seems to be all set to blast off on September 6th.

Bethesda recently dropped the exciting news that their sci-fi RPG has officially hit the “gold” status, signaling that it’s prepped and primed for launch.

When a game goes “gold,” it’s like the finishing line – all polished up and set to be burned onto discs and sent off to store shelves.

Bethesda also spilled the beans on when eager players can start preloading the digital edition. If you’re an Xbox player, get those bits ready tomorrow, starting from August 17.

Steam aficionados, your time to shine comes on August 30.

Starfield stands as Bethesda’s grandest open-world RPG adventure to date! Brace yourself for an interstellar odyssey, where players dive into an epic narrative spanning across a galaxy of thousands of planets.

Imagine this colossal cosmic playground!

And hey, if you’re curious about what lies ahead, you’re in for a treat with a 45-minute deep dive by the developers themselves at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase.

Cool, right?

Starfield will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.