Top 10 Games With Crazy Realistic Graphics Released In 2022 and 2024

Top 10 Games With Crazy Realistic Graphics Released In 2022 and 2024

Some video games are just leaps and bounds ahead in terms of video game logic and graphics. And we’ve got a whole ton of them coming to our shelves in the next couple of years. Today, we will tell you about 10 Video Games with crazy realistic graphics that will be released this year and the next few. The titles in this list consist of games that have achieved some crazy levels of realistic graphics and level design that have never been seen before. Whether it’s through brute force graphical power or a combination of great art and visual design prowess, these few titles just blew us away. There are so many out there and we’d love to hear from you in the comments about a possible sequel to this article.

10 Upcoming Games of 2021 & 2022 With Crazy Realistic Graphics

Black Myth Wukong (2023)

Coming to us from Chinese Developer: Game Science Interactive, Black Myth Wukong is based on an extremely old novel called A Journey to the West from China’s Ming Dynasty Period. Black Myth Wukong is a souls-like game and as you might see in the trailer, it looks like an animated CG rendered movie from maybe a couple of years ago.

What’s particularly impressive about this game is how good this game looks and also the fact that the developer is not a Triple-A Studio. This is literally being developed by an indie game developer and this game isn’t a title that you wouldn’t necessarily call grounded in reality, but, in terms of details, we are looking at something that could exist IRL (In-Real-Life) if not for all the fantasy elements i.e. the lighting, the fur and skin on enemies and especially the hair on your character who is some kind of a half-human half-monkey called the Monkey King (Sun Wukong). You are literally a legendary mythical figure in terms of 16th Century Chinese Mythology and you look as cool as you can imagine it to be. This is an Unreal Engine 4 game, most likely we are talking about PCs and the next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series S and X. We cannot imagine the Xbox One and the PS4 ever handling this level of details very well. Still, this game looks amazing, and although we don’t know exactly know when Black Myth Wukong is supposed to come out, but, the developers have given themselves a bit of a couple of years of buffer. Maybe we will see it released next year or the year after.

Crimson Desert (Fall 2021)

This comes from the developers of Black Desert Online which is already a pretty good-looking game. Crimson Desert is a little bit different, it is an open-world action-adventure game that was originally planned as a prequel to Black Desert Online, but it was something that transformed as the devs were working on it into something different. Basically, the game story takes place over a medieval fantasy setting where you lead a small band of mercenaries and it is an intriguing plot to imagine. It also looks incredible, in terms of landscapes, vistas, and different types of views. This is simply just one of the prettiest looking games, you might even mistake one of the footage of this game for a photograph. The character designs are also really detailed, but, probably the most impressive aspect of this one is just how big the game itself looks while also maintaining this impressive level of detail in basically every shot that we’ve seen so far. It’s really impressive. It is going to hit our shelves in fall 2021 (winter 2021) on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and S. And we think as a next-gen title it shows a lot of promise.

Project EVE (TBA)

Project EVE has been something that has been in development for a while. It was originally an action game that was slated for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and their derivatives, and it is probably something that’s going to be released on next-gen instead, which is probably a piece of good news on account of the level of graphics as we can see in its trailers are insanely nice. It kind of looks like if you combine Devil May Cry or Bayonetta with a kind of Ghost of Tsushima type strategy and we’re probably just projecting off of something we might have seen in the footage. In terms of realistic landscapes, they have also released a lot of screenshots of this game that paints a picture of something that just looks incredible. There are some kinds of post-apocalyptic cityscapes that are extremely chilling to look over at and also the boss battle from PS360HD‘s gameplay footage. We get excited whenever we see it, not just graphically speaking but also with gameplay as well. However, looking at how big and expansive the environment is, the textures on the boss, also the motion of the characters. Everything just looks crystal clear, smooth, and fast. There is no concrete release schedule for Project EVE, but it will be exciting to see how how it plays out. It looks like it could really become a massive title, not just in terms of game size, but, if it actually turns out how it looks, it could be one of the most massive games released that year.

Horizon Forbidden West (2021)

Now, Horizon Zero Dawn is obviously just a graphically gorgeous game. It is beautiful and that too on extremely outdated hardware. Horizon Forbidden West indulges all of the latest things, just looking at the footage of this in its trailers, what else can there be to say. We’ve only just seen this one footage and we can rightfully assume from this that this game is going to be huge. The developers at Guerilla Games are always on top of their game in terms of graphics, just like how their engine made Death Stranding look as incredible as it does. So, let’s be clear about how excited we were to see how cool Horizon Zero Dawn was, in terms of concept, in terms of execution, world-building story. It’s probably one of the best games of its type and we can only imagine how Horizon Forbidden West is going to be even bigger.

Resident Evil 8 Village (May 7, 2021)

The Resident Evil Engine established with the Resident Evil 7 is absolutely amazing, it is capable of so much. And Capcom has built upon that foundation and made it better in Resident Evil Village. In the gameplay reveal demo, we’ve now seen so much in terms of the details similar to a more Resident Evil setting that we’ve come to love. The level of detail in this game is phenomenal just like the house you can explore, the environment. You can not only see the difference between interiors, the weather outside, but there is also steam that forms with the differences in the temperature, you also get to see how incredibly well made people are in the demo. It’s very brief, but the 9-foot tall lady, we have seen her elsewhere. There’s just something about how well all of the things in the demo can come together to portray how the final game might look like. The level of details in the environment, the victorian style furniture, the wood moldings, it all looks so real especially the lighting, and then you have a 9-foot tall woman bursting in and it all falls into place just like that final centerpiece in a jigsaw puzzle. Resident Evil Village is an astounding game, looking at how great a game RE:7 was, it is going to be breathtaking.

Odin: Valhalla Rising (TBA)

Odin: Valhalla Rising is basically a mobile MMO-RPG game that is also set to be launched on PC. The demo footage that the developers Kakao Games (a Korean game developer) are spreading, has been primarily from mobile devices because they want to let everybody know how good this game looks on a phone and raise our expectations for the PC version. This game indeed looks very impressive and in terms of what they are claiming they can do on mobile, if that is how the final game would look like, we just can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

Chrono Odyssey (TBA 2022)

Not in any way related to Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, Chrono Odyssey is an MMO-RPG which is probably one of the most beautiful MMO’s we’ve ever seen. It is very ambitious especially in terms of character design and faces, we have a ton of pre-rendered assets from this game, but, we’ve also seen some glimpses at actual gameplay and it is really impressive. The costumes are really detailed, the cloaks flap around, there is smoke, flames, sparks, dust, sword clashes can cause environmental changes and there are also really big monsters with cool animations. Chrono Odyssey has a Dark Souls vibe to what it feels like the developers are trying to do with and somewhat on the arcadey side. But, it is something that could pan out really well for an MMO-RPG.


It is a horror game developed by a small indie developer who is currently looking for funding. ILL is not what you’d call completely realistic looking and it’s got a very good atmosphere. But, what’s more, interesting is the advanced physics the developers are attempting to integrate into the gameplay. I.e. there is some very detailed dismemberment via shotgun blast in some of their demo footage which by the way is still a concept though. It seems like the big selling point here is the physics-based actual manipulation of the physical objects within the game world. ILL is a very good-looking game as a concept and it is very unconventional that the developers are trying to find the game through Patreon, still, they have managed to get a lot of people interested in it. There are about 908 people contributing to it and have raised about $3400 a month which is definitely not Full-time job money considering there are only a couple of people working on it, but it’s also really impressive for a small team and could look potentially realistic looking and horrifying.

Atomic Heart (2021)

Atomic Heart is a game that kind of reminds us of a game that is a combination of Bioshock, Fallout, Dishonored, and Prey which is setup up in a Si-Fi time in the Soviet Union with a lot of RPG elements like weapon crafting. Now, from what we’ve seen in the trailers, this game is beautiful, vivid, and incredibly good-looking. We’ve not only seen incredible vivid and detailed environments, beautiful reflection, amazing architecture, and very different effects, also, the plant creature mini-boss is not only vividly grotesque but also amazingly hard to catch and from the looks of it, the combat in this game is pretty wild and somewhat unpredictable. It will be pretty exciting to see what this game can do with all the amazing graphics and perhaps the most well-realized environments that we’ve ever seen to date. We just cannot wait to see what the developers of Atomic Heart have in store for us in the near future.

Gran Turismo 7 (2021)

Between the new Forza game and Gran Turismo, it was confusing to us what to put in the No.1 spot as these games have a very intricate level of detail and level design and in terms of graphics, they are absolutely clashing with reality with hardware that is sometimes a generation old. These kinds of games usually take a very long time to make. Ans this Gran Turismo game is no different than its predecessors, there is detailed car interiors, amazingly vivid and good lighting, also it looks like the developers intended for it to be showcased for next-gen 4k and HDR displays. Gran Turismo 7 is incredibly good-looking and amazing, it’s like watching movie footage with an impressive level of detail.

What do you think though? What of these games make you most excited about graphics and whatnot, please leave a comment and let us know.

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