Toys for Bob Announces Publishing Deal With Xbox

Toys for Bob Announces Publishing Deal With Xbox

Toys for Bob, the creative minds behind Crash Bandicoot 4 have been helping out with Call of Duty.

Well, they made a bold move back in February 2024, leaving Activision, which is now part of Xbox. But guess what?

They didn’t stay away for long!

In a fab twist, Toys for Bob has signed a deal directly with Xbox to publish their next big game.

They posted on X/Twitter, confirming rumors from March 2024.

This new game, though still just a baby in development terms, is super special because it’s taking them back to their roots.

Here’s the juicy quote from Toys for Bob: “We’re excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Xbox to publish our next new game. We’re still very early in development, so you might not hear from us for a bit, but know that we’re working hard on an experience we’re so sooo inspired about. Can’t wait to share more.”

Sounds thrilling, right?

For those who might not know, Toys for Bob has been around since 1990 but got scooped up by Activision in 2005.

They hit it big with the Skylanders games and did those gorgeous remasters of the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot trilogies before giving us Crash Bandicoot 4.

Recently, they’ve been busy bees supporting the Call of Duty franchise.

But, with all the shake-ups in the gaming industry—think acquisitions and layoffs—they decided to break away from Activision and Xbox to go back to being an independent studio.

They said something really heartwarming about this change: “Over the years, we’ve inspired love, joy, and laughter for the inner child in all gamers. This opportunity allows us to return to our roots of being a small and nimble studio.”

Even with this new partnership with Xbox, they’re staying independent.

Xbox is basically acting as their financial fairy godmother, providing the funds for their game and getting a slice of the profits, but not owning the game itself.

So, stay tuned, ladies, because Toys for Bob is cooking up something magical, and I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next!