Nintendo is Removing the X Integration from its Switch Devices

Nintendo has recently announced that it will soon be removing the integration of X (formerly Twitter) from the Switch consoles. Since the Switch launched in 2017, the console has had the ability to post images to Twitter by linking the player’s personal accounts. 

Now this feature will no longer work anymore, which is the same thing that happened on both the PlayStation and Xbox.

On its official support site, Nintendo revealed that the use of X on the Switch will stop from next month onwards, starting June 10th. This means that Switch users will no longer be able to upload screenshots from the console to their own social media accounts directly.

Aside from this, Nintendo also stated that players will no longer be able to send friend requests to their friends on social media from within the Nintendo Switch friend suggestions feature.

For the time being, Nintendo says that it will continue to support this feature for Facebook, although it too might “be discontinued at a later date.”

As for the reason behind these changes, Nintendo has not given us any clarification as to why they decided to do so, but it’s more than likely because the costs of X’s API have increased dramatically since Musk took over.