Switch 2 Will Be Revealed Before April 2025, Promises Nintendo

Switch 2 Will Be Revealed Before April 2025, Promises Nintendo

It’s been almost nine years since Nintendo released the Switch console. Recently, in a press release, Nintendo broke the silence on their plans for the future. Nintendo announced that they will finally reveal the next generation of Switch consoles before April 2025.
In the press release, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that the next-gen Nintendo Switch console will be announced: “within this fiscal year.”. This news aligns pretty much with the rumored Q1 2025 launch.

If we break down the comment, we can surmise that fans might have to wait till July before they can even get a glimpse of the all-new Nintendo Switch 2.

Recent alleged details on the power of the Switch 2 weren’t the first rumors to spread about Nintendo’s new console. Other allegedly leaked details have suggested that the device will feature magnetic versions of the Joy-Cons and maybe even let players use their old controllers, too. If these recent rumors are to be believed, you’ll also be able to enjoy your physical and digital games on the Switch 2.

Aside from this, the real reason behind this announcement might be that sales of the original Switch have slowed down since its peak in 2021. 

We can only wait and see what Nintendo is planning next.